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First Medical Robot

First Medical Robot
Name: Arthrobot Year: 1983 Creators: Dr James McEwen, Geof Auchinlek, Dr Brian Day
The first documented use of a medical robot occurred in 1984 when the Arthrobot, developed in Vancouver by Dr James McEwen and Geof Auchinlek in collaboration with the surgeon Dr Brian Day, was used as part of an orthopaedic surgical procedure.

The Arthrobot was a small, bone-mountable robot for performing hip arthroplasty (restorative surgery for joints). It was designed for the task of precision drilling in hip surgery and could be programmed with the specific location and trajectory of the cavity it would create to house the hip implants.
Although small and relatively basic, improvements and modifications of the original Arthrobot have led to the use of robots in more complicated surgical procedures, including total knee replacements.
As ground-breaking as the Arth robot was in the field of medical robotics, it wasn’t until 1997 that robots started to enter mainstream medicine. The ‘da Vinci Surgical System’ by Intuitive Surgical, Inc became the first surgical robot to gain approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. The da Vinci robot is a full surgical system featuring a range of instruments, cameras, sensors and utensils.