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First Military Robot

First Military Robot
Name: Teletank Year: 1930-40 Creator: USSR
Nikola Tesla’s invention of the radio-controlled boat in 1898 was intended for military use, but the technology, offered to both the US and UK, was never developed.

World War II saw the first use of military robots in the form of the unmanned and remotely controlled German Goliath tank and the Soviet Teletank. The Teletanks were repurposed T-26 light tanks fitted with hydraulics and wired for radio control. They were equipped with machine guns, flamethrowers and smoke canisters which meant they were a formidable weapon on the battlefield. German Goliaths, on the other hand, were designed as mobile landmines that could be remotely driven up to enemy vehicles or personnel and detonated.

Although the Teletank and Goliath were developed in a similar time period, the Teletank was deployed first during the Winter War of 1939-1940 when the Soviet forces battled Axis forces in Eastern Finland.