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Sphero 2 0

Sphero 2.0
The original app-enabled robotic ball, the Sphero is as relevant today as when it first rolled onto the scene in 2013
Price: £79.99
Country of origin: United States
Main function: Entertainment

Sphero’s designers originally made this awesome little robot from a 3D-printed shell and the electronics from a smartphone. This early concept quickly turned into the real thing, a white robotic orb weighing 730 grams (1.6 pounds), which drives along at 2.1 metres (seven feet) per second thanks to its built-in electric motor. You can drive Sphero with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone; it can even be used as a controller for certain games on both.

Sphero 2.0

iOS and Android platforms. The official Sphero app is a nice touch, as it automatically updates the robot’s software, keeping your robot bug-free and working at its optimum level. If customisation is your thing, programmable versions are available that allow you to code the robot yourself using a simple coding language. The changeable colour schemes are great when racing a couple of these robots together, particularly when you race at night. Amazingly, Sphero is completely waterproof, and can take on a swimming pool with ease, like a ball-shaped Olympic athlete racing for gold. The Sphero is a brilliant introduction to the world of robotics. If you’re not sure if robots are for you, try one of these little chaps; they’ll definitely convert you.