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Star Wars BB 8 Force Band Droid

Star Wars BB-8 Force Band Droid
The perfect robot for any Star Wars- obsessives, the BB-8 will provide hours of fun for all ages
Price: £129.99
Country of origin: United States
Main function: Entertainment

The ability to move objects with a wave of your hand is an iconic part of the Star Wars mythology – and now you can do it too! The Force Band is a new wearable device from Sphero, which made the app-enabled droid that was on every child’s wish list last Christmas. However, whereas before you could only steer this robotic ball using your phone or tablet, the Force Band is packed with sensors that allow you to control it via Bluetooth with various movement gestures. The screenless wearable can also make lightsaber sounds and be used to play a Pok√©mon Go-like game where you earn collectable items.
As the BB-8 unit that rolled across the sands of Jakku in The Force Awakens was a bit more weather-beaten than the original toy, Sphero have released a new Special Edition BB-8 with decorative scrapes and scratches to go with the Force Band.

Star Wars BB-8 Force Band Droid