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Flint Weapons

Flint Weapons
Before metals were first extracted during the Bronze Age, tools and weapons were made out of stone. A fundamental material used in the Stone Age was a sedimentary rock known as flint. Strong and with sharp edges, flint is plentiful in chalk and limestone beds around the world, which made it ideal for the first primitive tools and weapons.

The stone was first mined over a million years ago during the Paleolithic period, using an extraction method known as flint knapping. This would involve chipping away at the seam of rock until the desired shape of blade was created.
Some of the earliest flint tools were hand axes, which were used to hunt animals, chop wood, dig and even start a fire. Early weapons were big and blunt while later arms were better crafted, polished and sharper. From these primitive beginnings would arise the first daggers, spears and arrowheads, becoming an integral part in Stone Age warfare, tool working and hunting.

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