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On the most extreme side of the mech revolution sits Sakakibara-Kikai’s Land Walker, a 3.4-metre (11.2-foot) tall, 1,000-kilogram (2,200-pound) bipedal exoskeleton. Designed to replicate the battle mechs of popular science fiction, such as the AT-STs of the Star Wars films, the Land Walker is the world’s first machine of its kind, capable of moving around on two feet, thunderously plodding around under the command of its human pilot. 

The Land Walker is powered by a 250cc four-stroke engine, can walk around at 1.5 kilometres (0.93 miles) per hour and is equipped with an auto-cannon capable of firing squishy rubber balls. Unfortunately, the Land Walker currently retails for £210,000 ($345,000), so it might be some time before you can stomp to work in one.

While the Land Walker’s current performance arguably leaves a lot to be desired, with more development funding, a machine such as this could easily become the future of law enforcement, with its intimidating physical presence and – if armed correctly – damage-dealing capabilities more than a match for any civilian vehicle.