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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Skull: Midsagittal Section Anatomy

Skull: Midsagittal Section Anatomy
Sphenoid bone : Greater wing, Lesser wing, Optic canal, Sella turcica, Anterior clinoid process, Sphenoidal sinus, Body, Medial and lateral plates of pterygoid process.
Skull: Midsagittal Section Anatomy
Temporal bone : Squamous part, Petrous part, Internal acoustic meatus, Lambdoid suture, Groove for superior petrosal sinus, Opening of vestibular aqueduct, Groove for sigmoid sinus, Occipital bone, Groove for transverse sinus, External occipital protuberance (inion), Jugular foramen, Groove for inferior petrosal sinus, Hypoglossal canal, Foramen magnum, Occipital condyle, Basilar part.

Frontal bone Frontal sinus, Ethmoid bone (Crista galli, Cribriform plate, Perpendicular plate), Nasal bone, Inferior nasal concha, Maxillary bone (Anterior nasal spine, Nasal surface, Incisive canal, Palatine process, Alveolar process). Opening of sphenoidal sinus, Sphenopalatine foramen, Sphenoid bone, Body, Medial, Lateral, Pterygoid Hamulus, Perpendicular plate, Horizontal plate, Palatine bone, Plates of pterygoid process.

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