Skull of Newborn Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Skull of Newborn Anatomy

Skull of Newborn Anatomy

Skull of Newborn Anatomy

Lateral view : Sphenoidal fontanelle, Frontal bone, Squamous part, Supraorbital notch (foramen), Ethmoid bone, Anterior ethmoidal foramen, Orbital plate, Lacrimal bone, Nasal bone, Maxillary bone, Infraorbital foramen, Zygomatic bone, Zygomaticofacial foramen, Palatine bone, Pyramidal process. Parietal bone, Parietal eminence, Squamous suture, Posterior fontanelle, Lambdoid suture, Occipital bone.
Temporal bone, Squamous part, Petrosquamous fissure, Petrous part, (mastoid process absent), Tympanic part (bony external, acoustic meatus absent), Vestibular (oval) window, Cochlear (round) window, Styloid process, Mandibular fossa, Zygomatic process. Anterior fontanelle, Coronal suture, Sagittal suture, Lambdoid suture, Posterior fontanelle.

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