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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cervical Vertebrae continued Anatomy

Cervical Vertebrae (continued) Anatomy
C3 Inferior aspect : Transverse foramen, Costal lamella, Inferior articular process and facet, Superior articular process and facet, Bifid spinous process, Inferior articular process and facet, Lamina, Vertebral foramen Pedicle, Posterior tubercle, Anterior tubercle, Transverse process, Vertebral body, Articular surface of right uncinate process, Groove for spinal nerve (C4), Inferior articular process.

Cervical Vertebrae (continued) Anatomy
4th cervical vertebra: anterior view, 7th cervical vertebra: anterior view, Spinous process, Uncinate process, Articular surface, Anterior tubercle, Posterior tubercle, Body, Transverse process, Lamina, Superior articular process, Inferior articular facet, Transverse foramen, Inferior articular facet for T1, Body, 7th cervical vertebra (vertebra prominens): superior view, Articular surface of uncinate process Transverse foramen (septated), Groove for C7 spinal nerve, Transverse process (posterior tubercle) Superior articular process and facet, Inferior articular process, Vertebral foramen, Spinous process.

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