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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Veins of Face and Neck Regions Anatomy

Veins of Face and Neck Regions Anatomy
Supratrochlear vein, Supraorbital vein, Nasofrontal vein, Superior ophthalmic vein, Angular vein, External nasal vein, Emissary vein (of Vesalius) communicating with cavernous sinus, Infraorbital vein, Posterior superior alveolar veins, Palatine vein, Pterygoid plexus, Superior labial vein, Deep facial vein, Maxillary veins, Inferior labial vein, Mental vein, Facial vein and artery, External palatine vein, Submental vein, Submandibular gland, Lingual vein, Vena comitans of hypoglossal nerve, Dorsal lingual vein coursing medial to hyoglossus muscle,

Veins of Face and Neck Regions Anatomy
Communication to anterior jugular vein (cut), Superior laryngeal vein, Superior thyroid vein, Thyroid gland, Middle thyroid vein, Inferior thyroid veins, Termination of anterior jugular vein (cut), Left brachiocephalic vein, Occipital vein and artery, Superficial temporal vein and artery, Transverse facial vein (cut), Posterior auricular vein, Retromandibular vein (anterior and posterior branches), External jugular vein (cut), Inferior alveolar vein and artery, Occipital vein and artery, Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII), Common facial vein, External carotid artery, Internal jugular vein, Common carotid artery, Vagus nerve (CN X) and sympathetic trunk, Middle scalene muscle, Anterior scalene muscle, External jugular vein (cut), Subclavian artery, Subclavian vein.

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