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Friday, May 24, 2019

Arteries to Brain and Meninges Anatomy

Arteries to Brain and Meninges Anatomy
Left middle meningeal artery, Posterior cerebral artery, Superior cerebellar artery, Basilar artery, Left labyrinthine (internal acoustic) artery, Mastoid branch of left occipital artery, Anterior inferior cerebellar artery, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery, Posterior meningeal branch of left ascending pharyngeal artery, Left and right vertebral arteries (intracranial part), Posterior meningeal branch of vertebral artery, Anterior meningeal branch of vertebral artery, 

Arteries to Brain and Meninges Anatomy
Posterior auricular artery, Occipital artery, Internal carotid artery, Carotid sinus, Carotid body, Vertebral artery (cervical part), Transverse process of C6, Deep cervical artery, Supreme intercostal artery, Costocervical trunk, Subclavian artery, Middle cerebral artery, Anterior cerebral artery, Anterior communicating artery, Ophthalmic artery, Posterior communicating artery, Cavernous sinus, Middle meningeal artery, Maxillary artery, Superficial temporal artery, External carotid artery, Facial artery, Lingual artery, Ascending pharyngeal artery, Superior laryngeal artery, Superior thyroid artery, Common carotid artery, Inferior thyroid artery, Thyrocervical trunk, Brachiocephalic trunk.

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