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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Cranial Base: Inferior View Anatomy

Cranial Base: Inferior View Anatomy

Cranial Base: Inferior View Anatomy
Maxillary bone: Incisive fossa, Palatine process, Intermaxillary suture, Zygomatic process. Zygomatic bone, Frontal bone, Sphenoid bone ( Pterygoid process, Hamulus, Medial plate, Pterygoid fossa, Lateral plate, Scaphoid fossa, Greater wing, Foramen ovale, Foramen spinosum, Spine). Temporal bone ( Zygomatic process, Articular tubercle, Mandibular fossa, Styloid process, Petrotympanic fissure, Carotid canal (external opening), Inferior tympanic canaliculus, External acoustic meatus, Mastoid canaliculus, Mastoid process, Stylomastoid foramen, Petrous part, Mastoid notch, Groove for occipital artery, Jugular fossa, (jugular foramen in its depth), Mastoid foramen.
Parietal bone, Occipital bone (Hypoglossal canal, Occipital condyle, Condylar canal and fossa, Basilar part, Pharyngeal tubercle, Foramen magnum, Inferior nuchal line, External occipital crest, Superior nuchal line, External occipital protuberance.

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