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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cranial Base: Superior View Anatomy

Cranial Base: Superior View Anatomy

Cranial Base: Superior View Anatomy
Frontal bone ( Groove for superior sagittal sinus, Frontal crest, Groove for anterior meningeal vessels, Foramen cecum, Superior surface of orbital part). Ethmoid bone, Crista galli, Cribriform plate. Sphenoid bone, Lesser wing, Anterior clinoid process, Greater wing, Groove for middle meningeal vessels (frontal branches), Yoke, Prechiasmatic groove, Tuberculum sellae, Hypophyseal fossa, Dorsum sellae, Posterior clinoid process, Carotid groove (for int. carotid a.), Clivus.
Temporal bone : Squamous part, Petrous part, Groove for lesser petrosal nerve, Groove for greater petrosal nerve, Arcuate eminence, Trigeminal impression, Groove for superior petrosal sinus, Groove for sigmoid sinus. Occipital bone : Clivus, Groove for inferior petrosal sinus, Basilar part, Groove for posterior meningeal vessels, Condyle, Groove for transverse sinus, Groove for occipital sinus, Internal occipital crest, Internal occipital protuberance, Groove for superior sagittal sinus.

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