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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cervical Fasciae Anatomy

Cervical Fasciae Anatomy
Superior and inferior heads of lateral pterygoid muscle (cut to show buccopharyngeal fascia), Parotid gland and ramus of mandible (both cut to show buccopharyngeal fascia), Submandibular gland (cut), Mylohyoid muscle, SLDCF (cut and reflected), Anterior belly of digastric muscle, Medial pterygoid muscle and SLDCF, Inferior head of lateral pterygoid muscle, Right sternohyoid, omohyoid, and thyrohyoid muscles (cut to expose pretracheal fascia), SLDCF (cut and reflected), Sternothyroid and sternohyoid muscles (cut) and pretracheal fascia.

Cervical Fasciae Anatomy
Thyroid gland and pretracheal fascia (both  cut), Carotid sheath enveloping internal jugular vein, common carotid artery, and vagus nerve, Esophagus and trachea, Clavicle (cut), Second rib, Cricopharyngeal part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Posterior and lateral right cricoarytenoid muscles, Straight and oblique parts of right cricothyroid muscle, Sternocleidomastoid muscle (cut) and SLDCF, Manubrium, SLDCF (cut), Left thyrohyoid, omohyoid, sternohyoid , and sternocleidomastoid muscles (pretracheal fascia between muscles and the viewer), Trapezius muscle Hyoglossus muscle.

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