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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fascial Layers of Neck Anatomy

Fascial Layers of Neck Anatomy
Cross section, Alar fascia, Retropharyngeal space, Cervical vertebra (C7), Platysma muscle, Sternohyoid muscle Trachea, Skin, Sternothyroid muscle Thyroid gland, Esophagus Omohyoid   muscle, Common carotid artery, Sternocleidomastoid muscle, Recurrent laryngeal nerve, Phrenic nerve, Internal jugular vein Vagus nerve (CN X), Scalenus anterior muscle, Sympathetic trunk Spinal nerve, Scalenus medius and scalenus posterior muscl Longus colli muscle, Levator scapulae muscle Trapezius muscle, Deep cervical muscles.

Midsagittal section, Oropharynx, Buccopharyngeal fascia, Retropharyngeal space, Alar fascia, Prevertebral fascia, Trachea Esophagus, Mandible, Geniohyoid muscle, Fascia of infrahyoid muscles, Pretracheal fascia Thyroid gland Superficial fascia, Suprasternal space (of Burns), Manubrium of sternum, Aortic arch, Pericardium. Superficial layer of deep cervical fascia, Infrahyoid fascia, Pretracheal (visceral) fascia (thyroid capsule), Buccopharyngeal fascia, Carotid sheath, Superficial fascia.
Fascial Layers of Neck

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