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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Roof of Oral Cavity Anatomy

Roof of Oral Cavity Anatomy
Incisive papilla, Palatine raphe, Palatine glands, Musculus uvulae, Incisive fossa, Greater palatine artery and nerve, Greater palatine foramen, Lesser palatine foramen, Lesser palatine artery and nerves, Pterygoid Hamulus, Buccinator muscle, Pterygomandibular raphe, Palatoglossus muscle, Palatine tonsil, Levator veli palatini muscle (cut), Tensor veli palatini muscle and tendon, Medial pterygoid muscle (cut), Medial pterygoid plate, Pterygoid Hamulus, Tendon of tensor veli palatini muscle, Levator veli palatini muscle (cut), Palatopharyngeus muscle (cut), Musculus uvulae.

Palatopharyngeus muscle, Choanae, Pterygoid Hamulus, Levator veli palatini muscle, Posterior view, Anterior view, Transverse palatine folds, Palatine process of maxillary bone, Horizontal plate of palatine bone, Palatopharyngeus muscle, Molar minor salivary glands, Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Interdigitating fibers of levator veli palatini muscle, Basilar part of occipital bone, Pharyngobasilar fascia, Palatine aponeurosis (from tensor veli palatine muscle), Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle (cut), Tendon of tensor veli palatini muscle, Cartilaginous part of auditory tube (eustachian).

Roof of Oral Cavity Anatomy

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