Tongue (continued) Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tongue (continued) Anatomy

Tongue (continued) Anatomy
Epiglottis, Median glossoepiglottic fold, Lateral glossoepiglottic fold, Vallecula, Palatopharyngeal arch and muscle (cut), Palatine tonsil (cut), Lingual tonsil, Palatoglossal arch and muscle (cut), Foramen cecum, Terminal sulcus, Vallate papillae, Foliate papillae, Filiform papillae, Fungiform papilla, Midline groove, Dorsum of tongue, Lingual tonsil, Root, Body, Apex, Filiform papillae, Fungiform papilla, Keratinized tip of papilla, Intrinsic muscle, Duct of gland, Crypt, Lymph follicles, Mucous glands, Vallate papilla, Taste buds, Furrow.

Lingual glands (serous glands of von Ebner), Schematic stereogram: window area indicated above.

Tongue (continued) Anatomy

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