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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Veins of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy

Veins of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy
Inferior phrenic veins, Right inferior suprarenal vein, Respiratory diaphragm, Right renal vein Iliolumbar vein, Quadratus lumborum muscle 1st to 4th right lumbar veins, Subcostal vein, Psoas major muscle (cut), Common iliac vein, Ovarian (testicular) veins and ureter (cut), Internal iliac vein, Median sacral vein, Lateral sacral veins, Deep circumflex iliac vein, Superficial circumflex iliac vein, Inferior epigastric vein (cut), Superficial epigastric vein (cut).

Veins of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy
Pubic (obturator anastomotic) vein, Femoral vein Great saphenous vein, External pudendal vein, Anterior abdominal wall (turned down), Vesical venous plexus, Uterovaginal venous plexus, Rectal venous plexus, Inferior epigastric vein, Round ligament of uterus, Deep circumflex iliac vein, Obturator vein, Superior vesical vein, Uterine vein, Middle rectal vein, External iliac vein, Internal pudendal vein, Inferior gluteal vein, Superior gluteal vein, Internal iliac vein, Common iliac vein, Ascending lumbar veins, Ovarian (testicular) veins, Left renal vein, Left suprarenal veins and anastomosis with inferior phrenic vein, Hepatic veins.

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