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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cartilages of Larynx Anatomy

Cartilages of Larynx Anatomy
Epiglottis, Hyoid bone, Thyrohyoid membrane, Superior horn of thyroid cartilage, Corniculate cartilage, Arytenoid cartilage, Superior thyroid notch, Thyroid cartilage lamina, Vocal ligament, Median cricothyroid ligament, Cricoid cartilage, Trachea, Epiglottis, Hyoepiglottic ligament, Hyoid bone, Thyrohyoid membrane, Triticeal cartilage, Thyroid cartilage lamina,

Oblique line, Laryngeal prominence, Corniculate cartilage, Arytenoid cartilage, Muscular process, Vocal process, Vocal ligament, Thyroepiglottic ligament, Cricothyroid ligament, Cricothyroid joint, Trachea, Corniculate cartilage, Inferior horn of thyroid cartilage, Anterior view Posterior view, Anterosuperior view, Right lateral view Medial view, median (sagittal) section, Muscular process, Vocal process, Arytenoid cartilage, Cricoid cartilage Median, Lateral Arch, Cricoid cartilage Lamina, Arytenoid articular surface.

Cartilages of Larynx Anatomy

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