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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pharyngoesophageal Junction Anatomy

Pharyngoesophageal Junction Anatomy
Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Root of tongue, Epiglottis, Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Palatopharyngeus muscle, Stylopharyngeus muscle, Longitudinal pharyngeal muscles, Pharyngoepiglottic fold, Laryngeal inlet, Thyroid cartilage (superior horn), Thyrohyoid membrane, Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve and superior laryngeal artery and vein,

Oblique arytenoid muscle, Transverse arytenoid muscle, Thyroid cartilage, Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle, Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle (thyropharyngeus muscle), Pharyngeal aponeurosis (cut away), Cricoid cartilage (lamina), Cricopharyngeal part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Esophageal mucosa and submucosa, Circular muscle in V-shaped area (of Laimer), Right recurrent laryngeal nerve, Cricoesophageal tendon, Longitudinal esophageal muscle, Window cut in longitudinal muscle exposes circular muscle layer, Posterior view with pharynx opened and mucosa removed, Zone of sparse muscle fibers.

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