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Monday, October 8, 2018

Teeth Anatomy

Teeth Anatomy
Incisive fossaCentral incisorsLateral incisorsCanines1st premolars2nd premolars1st molars2nd molars3rd molarsUpper permanent teeth Lower permanent teethDeciduous (primary)Usual age of eruptionCentral incisor (8–10 months)Lateral incisor (8–10 months)Canine (cuspid) (16–20 months)1st molar (15–21 months)2nd molar (20–24 months), 2nd molar (20–24 months) 1st molar (15–21 months)Canine (cuspid) (16–20 months)Lateral incisor (15–21 months)Central incisor (6–9 months)Palatine process of maxillary boneHorizontal plate of palatine boneGreater and lesser palatine foraminaCentral incisor (7th year)Lateral incisor (8th year)Canine (cuspid) (11th–12th year)1st premolar (9th year)2nd premolar (10th year)1st molar (6th year)2nd molar (12th–13th year)3rd molars (17th–25th year)2nd molar (12th–13th year)1st molar (6th year)2nd premolar (10th year)1st premolar (9th year)Canine (cuspid) (11th–12th year)Lateral incisor (8th year)Central incisor (7th year)Permanent(colored blue)Usual age of eruption.

EnamelDentine and dentinal tubulesInterglobular spacesOdontoblast layerInterproximal spacesDental pulp containing vessels and nervesGingival epithelium (stratified)Gingival grooveInterdental papillaCementBoneApical foraminaCentral Lateral 1 2 1 2 3Incisors Canines MolarsCrownNeckRootPremolarsLeft upper permanent teeth: labiobuccal viewLeft lower permanent teeth: labiobuccal viewRoot canals containing vessels and nervesPeriodontiumLamina propria of gingiva (mandibular or maxillary periosteum).

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