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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thyroid Gland and Pharynx: Posterior View Anatomy

Thyroid Gland and Pharynx: Posterior View Anatomy
External carotid artery, Internal carotid artery, Facial artery, Lingual artery, Superior thyroid artery, Superior laryngeal artery, Common carotid artery, Vagus nerve (CN X), Internal jugular vein, Superior parathyroid gland, Ascending cervical artery, Inferior parathyroid gland, Inferior thyroid artery, Right recurrent laryngeal nerve, Superficial branch, Suprascapular artery, Thyrocervical trunk, Right brachiocephalic vein, Superior laryngeal nerve, Internal branch,

External branch, Thyroid gland (right lobe), Right subclavian artery and vein, Brachiocephalic trunk, Right vagus nerve (CN X), Left vagus nerve (CN X) Superior vena cava, Arch of aorta, Vertebral artery, Trachea, Inferior thyroid vein, Pharyngeal raphe, Left recurrent laryngeal nerve, Left brachiocephalic vein, Internal thoracic artery and vein, Left subclavian artery and vein, Inferior bulb of internal jugular vein, Longitudinal esophageal muscle, Zone of sparse muscle fibers, Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Tip of greater horn of hyoid bone, Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Cricopharyngeus muscle (part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle), Circular esophageal muscle in V-shaped area of sparse longitudinal muscle fibers.

Thyroid Gland and Pharynx: Posterior View Anatomy

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