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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Liver Structure: Schema Anatomy

Liver Structure: Schema Anatomy
Connective tissue Lymph vessel, Central vein, Sublobular vein (tributary to hepatic vein), Sinusoids, Perisinusoidal spaces, Central vein, Central vein, Limiting plate of portal space, Periportal space, Periportal bile ductile, Branch of portal vein, Bile duct,

Liver Structure: Schema Anatomy
Branch of hepatic artery, Portal arteriole, Periportal arteriole, Intralobular arteriole, Intralobular bile ductile, Periportal bile ductile, Distributing vein Inlet venule Central vein, Branch of portal vein, Bile ducts, Periportal bile ductules, Limiting plate of portal space, Bile canaliculi, Sinusoid, Intralobular bile ductules.

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