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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bony and Membranous Labyrinths Anatomy

Bony and Membranous Labyrinths Anatomy
Lateral Semicircular canals, Common bony limb, Ampullae, Vestibule, Cochlea, Semicircular canals, Elliptical recess, Cochlear recess, Spherical recess, Helicotrema, Scala vestibule, Scala tympani, Utricle, Endolymphatic duct, Saccule, Cochlear nerve, Cochlear duct (basal turn), Vestibular ganglion (of Scarpa), Vestibular nerve, Vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII), Cochlear (round) window, Anterior semicircular duct, Anterior ampulla, Lateral ampulla, Oval (vestibular) window, Cochlear cupula, Cochlear (round) window, Common membranous limb, Posterior ampulla, Inferior part of vestibular nerve (from saccule and posterior ampulla), Osseous spiral lamina, Internal opening of vestibular aqueduct (for endolymphatic duct), Vestibule (note perforations for nerve fibers), Lateral semicircular duct, Posterior semicircular duct, Hamulus of spiral lamina, Superior part of vestibular nerve (from utricle and anterior and lateral ampullae).

Bony and membranous labyrinths: schema, Posterior semicircular canal and duct, Common bony and membranous limbs, Lateral semicircular canal and duct, Stapes in oval (vestibular) window, Endolymphatic duct in vestibular aqueduct, Incus, Otic capsule, Malleus, Tympanic cavity, External acoustic meatus, Tympanic membrane, Umbo, Cochlear (round) window (closed by secondary tympanic membrane), Ampullae, Dura mater, Endolymphatic sac, Utricle, Saccule, Helicotrema of cochlea, Ductus reuniens, Scala vestibule, Cochlear duct, Scala tympani, Cochlear aqueduct, Vestibule, Otic capsule, Auditory tube (eustachian), Section through turn of cochlea, Osseous spiral lamina, Nerve fibers, Modiolus of cochlea, Spiral ganglion (of Corti), Scala tympani, Cochlear nerve, Scala vestibule, Vestibular (Reissner’s) membrane, Cochlear duct, Spiral ligament, Tectorial membrane, Spiral organ (of Corti), Basilar membrane, Osseous cochlea, Outer hair cells, Pillar (rod) cells, Inner hair cell.
Bony and Membranous Labyrinths Anatomy

Bony and Membranous Labyrinths Anatomy

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