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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Eyeball: Transverse Section Anatomy

Eyeball: Transverse Section Anatomy
Tendon of medial rectus muscle, Tendon of lateral rectus muscle, Central retinal artery and vein, Bulbar sheath (Tenon’s capsule), Scleral venous sinus (canal of Schlemm), Optic (visual) part of retina, Zonular fibers (suspensory ligament of lens), Cornea, Capsule of lens Anterior chamber

Eyeball: Transverse Section Anatomy

Lens, Iris, Scleral spur, Ciliary body and ciliary muscle, Ciliary part of retina, Choroid, Vitreous body, Hyaloid canal, Lamina cribrosa of sclera, Optic nerve (CN II), Perichoroidal space, Sclera, Episcleral space, Meningeal sheath of optic nerve (CN II), Subarachnoid space, Fovea centralis in macula, Posterior chamber, Iridocorneal angle, Ciliary processes, Bulbar conjunctiva, Ora serrata.

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