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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kidneys in Situ Anterior Views Anatomy

Kidneys in Situ: Anterior Views Anatomy
Respiratory diaphragm, Right kidney, Right subcostal nerve, Iliac crest, Psoas major muscle, Iliacus muscle, Right ureter, Urinary bladder, Inferior vena cava, Area for liver, Duodenum, Area for colon, Esophagus, Right suprarenal gland, Right renal artery and vein, Transversus abdominis muscle, Quadratus, lumborum muscle, Right common iliac artery, Right external iliac artery, Right internal iliac artery, Bare area of liver, Right suprarenal gland,

Kidneys in Situ: Anterior Views Anatomy

Peritoneum (cut), Peritoneum (cut) Area for small intestine, Anterior relations of kidneys, Area for descending colon, Area for small intestine, Transverse mesocolon, Tail of pancreas, Area for spleen, Area for stomach, Splenorenal ligament, Left suprarenal gland, Gastrophrenic ligament, Rectum, Peritoneum (cut), Genitofemoral nerve, Ilioinguinal nerve, Iliohypogastric nerve, Abdominal aorta, Subcostal nerve, Left kidney, Celiac trunk, Left suprarenal gland, Esophagus, Sigmoid mesocolon (cut), Inferior mesenteric artery (cut), Left testicular (ovarian) artery and vein, Superior mesenteric artery (cut), Left renal artery and vein, Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

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