Cerebellum Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cerebellum Anatomy

Cerebellum Anatomy
Anterior cerebellar notch, Central lobule (II and III), Culmen (IV and V), Declive (VI), Folium (VIIA), Superior vermis, Posterior cerebellar notch, Superior surface, Superior vermis, Central lobule Inferior surface, Lingula (I), Superior medullary velum, Flocculus (H X), 4th ventricle, Inferior medullary velum, Nodule (X), Uvula (IX), Pyramid (VIII), Tuber (VIIB), Posterior cerebellar notch, Inferior vermis, 4th ventricle, Superior medullary velum, Fastigial, Globose, Dentate, Emboliform.

Decussation of superior cerebellar peduncles, Cerebellar nuclei, Section in plane of superior cerebellar peduncle, Cerebral crus, Medial longitudinal fasciculus, Lingula (I), Vermis, Superior cerebellar peduncle, Secondary (postpyramidal) fissure, Posterolateral (dorsolateral) fissure, Flocculonodular lobe, Posterior lobe, Retrotonsillar fissure, Tonsil, Biventer lobule (H VIII), Horizontal fissure, Inferior semilunar (caudal) lobule (H VIIB), Anterior lobe, Wing of central lobule, Superior, Middle, Inferior, Cerebellar peduncles, Anterior lobe, Quadrangular lobule (H IV and V), Primary fissure, Horizontal fissure, Simple lobule (H VI), Posterior lobe, Postlunate fissure, Horizontal fissure, Superior semilunar (anseriform) lobule (H VIIA), Inferior semilunar (caudal) lobule (H VIIB).
Cerebellum Anatomy

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