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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ciliary Ganglion: Schema Anatomy

Ciliary Ganglion: Schema Anatomy
Sphincter pupillae muscle, Dilator pupillae muscle, Ciliary muscle, Short ciliary nerves, Ciliary ganglion, Oculomotor (parasympathetic) root of ciliary ganglion, Accessory oculomotor (Edinger-Westphal) nucleus (parasympathetic), Superior colliculus, Lateral geniculate body, Optic nerve (CN II), Nasociliary nerve, Long ciliary nerve, 

Branch to ciliary ganglion, Sympathetic root of ciliary ganglion, Ophthalmic artery, Ophthalmic nerve (CN V1), Trigeminal ganglion, Internal carotid plexus, Internal carotid artery, Superior cervical ganglion 1st thoracic ganglion of sympathetic trunk, Gray ramus communicans, White ramus communicans, T1 spinal nerve, Spinal ganglion, Tympanic plexus, Tectospinal tract, Thoracic part of spinal cord, Preganglionic sympathetic cell bodies in intermediolateral nucleus (lateral horn)
Ciliary Ganglion: Schema Anatomy

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