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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Olfactory Nerve (CN I): Schema Anatomy

Olfactory Nerve (CN I): Schema Anatomy
Efferent fibers to olfactory bulb, Afferent fibers from bulb to central connections and contralateral bulb, Granule cell (excited by and inhibiting to mitral and tufted cells), Mitral cell, Recurrent process, Tufted cell, Periglomerular cell, Glomerulus, Subcallosal area, Olfactory nerve fibers, Septal area and nuclei,

Fibers from, Fibers to, Contralateral olfactory bulb, Anterior commissure, Medial olfactory stria, Olfactory cells, Olfactory mucosa, Olfactory nerves (CN I), Olfactory bulb, Cribriform plate of ethmoid bone, Anterior olfactory nucleus. Olfactory tract, Olfactory trigone and olfactory tubercle, Lateral olfactory stria, Lateral olfactory tract nucleus, Anterior perforated substance, Amygdaloid body (phantom), Piriform cortex, Uncus, Fimbria of hippocampus, Dentate gyrus, Parahippocampal gyrus, Dura mater.
Olfactory Nerve (CN I): Schema Anatomy

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