Opening of the Mandible Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Opening of the Mandible Anatomy

Opening of the Mandible Anatomy
Retrodiscal tissue (bilaminar zone), Retrodiscal tissue (bilaminar zone) expanded, Floor of middle cranial fossa, Superior head (cut), Inferior head, Articular disc (cut sagittally), Translation of condyle and ramus of mandible during opening of the mouth, 

Direction of force vector generated by the contraction of lateral pterygoid muscles, Articular disc (cut sagittally), Mandibular ramus, Mandibular notch, External acoustic meatus, Mandibular condyle, Joint capsule (cut), Joint capsule, Inferior layer of bilaminar zone, Joint capsule (cut), Upper layer of bilaminar zone, Lateral ligament of temporomandibular joint (cut), Mastoid process Styloid process, Lateral pterygoid muscle.
Opening of the Mandible Anatomy

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