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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy

Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy
Coronal section, Horizontal section, Brain, Falx cerebri, Nasal cavities, Nasal septum, Maxillary sinus, Inferior nasal concha, Hard palate, Oral cavity, Genioglossus muscle, Geniohyoid muscle, Mylohyoid muscle, Eyeball, Ethmoidal cells, Orbital fat and muscles, Sphenoidal sinuses, Optic chiasm, Nasal cavities, Frontal sinus, Olfactory bulbs, 

Orbital fat, Ethmoidal cells, Buccinator muscle, Alveolar process of maxillary bone, Body of tongue, Sublingual gland, Mandible (body), Anterior belly of digastric muscle, Nasal septum, Optic nerve (II), Brain, Middle nasal concha, Middle nasal meatus, Inferior nasal meatus, Medial wall of orbit, Opening of maxillary sinus, Recesses of maxillary sinus, Infraorbital, Zygomatic, Alveolar
Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy

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