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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Subclavian Artery Anatomy

Subclavian Artery Anatomy
Common origin of superficial cervical and dorsal scapular arteries from transverse cervical artery (˜30%), Inferior thyroid artery, Thyrocervical trunk, Suprascapular artery, Superficial branch of transverse cervical artery, Deep branch of transverse cervical artery (dorsal scapular artery), Transverse cervical artery, Right oblique schematic view, Vertebral artery, Deep cervical artery (ascending to anastomose with descending branch of occipital artery), 

Superficial branch, Costocervical trunk, Supreme intercostal artery, Dorsal scapular artery, Superior and inferior transverse scapular ligaments, Acromion, Dorsal scapular artery, Suprascapular artery, Axillary artery, Circumflex scapular artery, Subscapular artery, Thoracodorsal artery, Right external carotid artery, Right internal carotid artery, Ascending cervical artery, Inferior thyroid artery, Superficial branch, Right common carotid artery, Thyrocervical trunk, Right subclavian artery, Brachiocephalic trunk, Suprascapular artery, Aortic arch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd anterior intercostal arteries, Internal thoracic (mammary) artery
Subclavian Artery Anatomy

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