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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Trigeminal Nerve (CN V): Schema Anatomy

Trigeminal Nerve (CN V): Schema Anatomy
Ophthalmic nerve (CN V1), Tentorial branch, Nasociliary nerve, Lacrimal nerve, Frontal nerve, Branch to ciliary ganglion, Ciliary ganglion, Posterior ethmoidal nerve, Long ciliary nerve, Short ciliary nerves, Anterior ethmoidal nerve, Supraorbital nerve, Supratrochlear nerve, Infratrochlear nerve, Internal nasal branches and, External nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve, Maxillary nerve (CN V2), Meningeal branch, Zygomaticotemporal branch, Zygomaticofacial branch, Zygomatic nerve

Infraorbital nerve, Pterygopalatine ganglion, Superior alveolar branches of infraorbital nerve, Nasal branches (posterior superior lateral, nasopalatine, and posterior superior medial), Nerve (vidian) of pterygoid canal (from facial nerve [CN VII] and carotid plexus), Pharyngeal branch, Greater and lesser palatine nerves, Deep temporal nerves, Nerve to lateral pterygoid muscle and masseteric nerve, Nerves to tensor veli palatini and medial pterygoid muscles, Buccal nerve, Mental nerve, Inferior dental plexus, Lingual nerve, Submandibular ganglion, Nerve to mylohyoid muscle, Mandibular nerve (CN V3), Inferior alveolar nerve, Otic ganglion, Nerve to tensor tympani muscle, Chorda tympani, Superficial temporal branches, Articular and anterior auricular branches, Auriculotemporal nerve, Parotid branches, Meningeal branch, Lesser petrosal nerve (from glossopharyngeal nerve [CN IX]), Facial nerve (CN VII), Trigeminal nerve (CN V) ganglion, Motor nucleus, Mesencephalic nucleus, Principal sensory nucleus, Spinal tract and nucleus.
Trigeminal Nerve (CN V): Schema Anatomy

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