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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Vagus Nerve (CN X): Schema Anatomy

Vagus Nerve (CN X): Schema Anatomy
Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX), Meningeal branch of vagus nerve, Auricular branch of vagus nerve, Auditory tube (eustachian), Levator veli, palatini muscle, Salpingopharyngeus muscle, Palatoglossus muscle, Palatopharyngeus muscle, Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Stylopharyngeus muscle, Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Cricothyroid muscle, Trachea, Esophagus,

Vagus Nerve (CN X): Schema Anatomy
Right subclavian artery, Right recurrent laryngeal nerve, Heart, Cranial root (CN XI), Dorsal nucleus of vagus nerve (parasympathetic and visceral afferent), Spinal tract and spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve (somatic afferent), Nuclei of solitary tract (visceral afferents including taste), Nucleus ambiguus (motor to pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles), Vagus nerve (CN X), Jugular foramen, Superior ganglion of vagus nerve, Inferior ganglion of vagus nerve, Pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve (motor to muscles of palate and pharynx; sensory to lower pharynx), Communicating branch of vagus nerve to carotid sinus nerve (CN IX), Pharyngeal plexus, Superior laryngeal nerve: Internal branch (sensory and parasympathetic), External branch (motor to cricothyroid muscle and inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle), Superior cervical cardiac branch of vagus nerve, Inferior cervical cardiac branch of vagus nerve, Thoracic cardiac branch of vagus nerve, Left recurrent laryngeal nerve (motor to muscles of larynx except cricothyroid; sensory and parasympathetic to larynx below vocal folds; parasympathetic and afferent to upper esophagus and trachea), Pulmonary plexus, Hepatic branch of anterior vagal trunk (in lesser omentum), Celiac branches from anterior and posterior vagal trunks to celiac plexus, Celiac and superior mesenteric ganglia and celiac plexus, Hepatic plexus, Cardiac plexus, Esophageal plexus, Gallbladder and bile ducts, Liver, Pyloric branch from hepatic plexus, Pancreas, Anterior vagal trunk, Gastric branches of anterior vagal trunk (branches from posterior trunk behind stomach), Duodenum, Ascending colon, Vagal fibers (parasympathetic and afferent fibers) accompany superior mesenteric artery and its branches usually as far as left colic (splenic) flexure, Small intestine, Cecum, Appendix.

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