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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Arteries and Veins of Pelvis Male Anatomy

Arteries and Veins of Pelvis Male Anatomy
Arteries and Veins of Pelvis: Male Anatomy
Left paramedian section: lateral view, Inferior vena cava, Right obturator vessels, Right umbilical artery (patent part), Superior vesical artery, Umbilical artery (fibrous part), Deep circumflex iliac vessels, Inferior epigastric vessels, Ductus deferens, Medial umbilical ligament, Median umbilical ligament (urachus), Superior vesical artery, Superficial dorsal vein of penis, Deep dorsal vein and dorsal artery of penis, Deep (Buck’s) fascia of penis, 
Testicular artery, Pampiniform (venous) plexus, Artery to ductus deferens, Vesical (retropubic) venous plexus, Abdominal aorta, Common iliac vessels, Median sacral vessels, External iliac vessels (cut), Internal iliac vessels, Iliolumbar artery, Lateral sacral artery, Superior gluteal artery, Obturator artery, Umbilical artery, Ureter (cut), Inferior gluteal artery, Inferior vesical artery, Middle rectal artery, Internal pudendal artery, Ductus deferens and its artery, Prostatic branches of inferior vesical artery, Inferior rectal artery, Prostatic venous plexus, External urethral sphincter muscle, Perineal artery, Internal pudendal artery, Posterior on superior aspect of perineal membrane scrotal arteries, Branch to prostate gland, Inferior vesical artery, Urethral branches, Capsular branches, Hyperplastic middle lobe, Hyperplastic lateral lobe, External urethral sphincter muscle, Arterial supply of prostate gland (frontal section, anterior view of specimen with benign hyperplasia)

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