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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Arteries of Forearm and Hand Anatomy

Arteries of Forearm and Hand Anatomy
Brachial artery, Superior ulnar collateral artery, Inferior ulnar collateral artery, Radial recurrent artery, Recurrent interosseous artery, Posterior interosseous artery, Radial artery, Anterior ulnar recurrent artery, Posterior ulnar recurrent artery, Common interosseous artery, 

Anterior interosseous artery, Ulnar artery, Superficial palmar branch of radial artery, Dorsal carpal artery (phantom), Proper palmar digital arteries, Common palmar digital arteries, Deep palmar branch of ulnar artery, Deep palmar arch, Princeps pollicis artery, Superficial palmar arch, Palmar digital artery, Palmar metacarpal arteries, Radialis indicis artery.
Arteries of Forearm and Hand Anatomy

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