Arteries of Knee and Foot Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Arteries of Knee and Foot Anatomy

Arteries of Knee and Foot Anatomy
Arteries of Knee and Foot Anatomy
Femoral artery, Descending genicular artery, Articular branch, Saphenous branch, Superior medial genicular artery, Popliteal artery (phantom), Middle genicular artery (phantom), Inferior medial genicular artery (partially in phantom), Anterior tibial recurrent artery, Posterior tibial artery (phantom), Fibular artery (phantom), Deep plantar artery, 
Posterior perforating branch, Lateral tarsal branch, Dorsal digital arteries, Medial tarsal branch, Arcuate artery, Dorsalis pedis artery, Anterior medial malleolar artery, Anterior lateral malleolar artery, Perforating branch, Fibular artery (phantom), Plantar arch (phantom), Dorsal metatarsal arteries, Femoral artery passing through adductor hiatus within adductor magnus muscle, Superior lateral genicular artery, Patellar anastomosis, Inferior lateral genicular artery (partially in phantom), Posterior tibial recurrent artery (phantom), Circumflex fibular branch, Anterior tibial artery, Anterior tibial artery, Interosseous membrane.

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