Genetics of Reproduction Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Genetics of Reproduction Anatomy

Genetics of Reproduction Anatomy
Genetics of Reproduction Anatomy

Spermatogenesis, Crossing over Mendelian inheritance, Pair of homologous chromosomes (tetrad), Recombinant chromatids, Parental generation F1 generation, F2 generation 3:1 red to white, Chiasma, Spermatogonium (2n) Oogonium (2n) Puberty, Fertilization

Primary spermatocyte (2n), Primary oocyte arrested in prophase I (2n), Secondary oocyte arrested in metaphase II (1n), Ovum (1n) 1st polar body, Secondary spermatocytes (1n), Early spermatids (1n), Spermatozoa (1n), Oogenesis, Maturation Meiosis II Meiosis I 1st polar body may divide 2nd polar body.

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