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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Osteology of Knee Anatomy

Osteology of Knee Anatomy

Osteology of Knee Anatomy
Lateral epicondyle, Lateral condyle, Trochlear groove, Adductor tubercle, Medial epicondyle, Medial condyle, Intercondylar fossa, Lateral condyle, Lateral epicondyle, Superior pole, Inferior pole, Anterior view, Anterior, Posterior view, Medial facet Posterior, Medial facet, Odd facet, Lateral facet, Lateral facet, Superior view.
Patellar surface, Adductor tubercle, Line of attachment of synovium (edge of articular cartilage) to distal femur, Line of reflection of synovial membrane, Lateral intercondylar eminence, Medial intercondylar eminence, Anterior intercondylar area, Lateral condyle, Neck of fibula, Medial condyle, Tubercle of iliotibial tract (Gerdy’s tubercle), Oblique line, Tibial tuberosity, Lateral surface, Femoral mechanical axis, Tibial mechanical axis, Anterior view of knee.

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