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Monday, May 10, 2021

Ovary Ova and Follicles Anatomy

Ovary, Ova, and Follicles Anatomy
Ovary, Ova, and Follicles Anatomy

Superficial (germinal) epithelium (cuboidal cells), Ovum, Zona pellucida, Corona radiata, Cumulus oöphorus, Fluid-filled follicular cavity, Granulosa, Theca interna, Theca externa, Infant ovary Ripening follicle, Epithelial cord growing in, Primary ova, 

Primordial follicles, Tunica albuginea, Cortex, Epithelial cord, Primordial follicle growing in, Superficial (germinal) epithelium (cuboidal cells), Blood vessels entering ovary, Primary follicle, Developing follicles, Mature (graafian) follicle, Ruptured follicle (corpus hemorrhagicum), Discharged ovum, Luteal cells, Fibrin, Blood clot, Stages of ovum and follicle, Mature corpus luteum, Corpus albicans, Early corpus luteum.

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