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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tibial Nerve Anatomy

Tibial Nerve Anatomy
Tibial Nerve Anatomy

Tibial nerve (L4, 5, S1, 2, 3), Medial sural cutaneous nerve (cut), Articular branches, Plantaris muscle, Gastrocnemius muscle (cut), Nerve to popliteus muscle, Popliteus muscle, Crural interosseous nerve, Soleus muscle (cut and partly retracted), Flexor digitorum longus muscle, Tibialis posterior muscle, Flexor hallucis longus muscle, Sural nerve (cut), Lateral calcaneal branch, Medial calcaneal branch, Flexor retinaculum (cut), Lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve, 

Common fibular nerve, Lateral sural cutaneous nerve (cut), Medial calcaneal branches (S1, 2), Medial plantar nerve (L4, 5), Lateral plantar nerve (S1, 2), From tibial nerve, Saphenous nerve (L3, 4), Sural nerve (S1, 2) via lateral calcaneal and lateral dorsal cutaneous branches, Cutaneous innervation of plantar region, Flexor retinaculum (cut), Tibial nerve, Medial calcaneal branch, Medial plantar nerve, Flexor digitorum brevis muscle (cut) and nerve, Abductor hallucis muscle and nerve, Flexor hallucis brevis muscle and nerve 1st lumbrical muscle and nerve, Common plantar digital nerves, Proper plantar digital nerves, Lateral calcaneal branch of sural nerve, Lateral plantar nerve, Quadratus plantae muscle and nerve, Nerve to abductor digiti minimi muscle, Abductor digiti minimi muscle Deep branch to, Adductor hallucis muscle, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lumbrical muscles, and interossei muscles, Superficial branch to, Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle and 4th interosseous muscle, Common plantar digital nerves Articular branch.

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