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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Veins of Upper Limb Anatomy

Veins of Upper Limb Anatomy
Cephalic vein, Basilic vein, Median basilic vein, Superficial palmar venous arch, Deep venous palmar arch, Axillary vein, Thoracodorsal vein, Intercapitular veins, Palmar metacarpal veins, 

Palmar digital veins, Median antebrachial vein, Anterior interosseous veins, Radial veins, Cephalic vein, Basilic hiatus, Brachial veins, Deep veins, Superficial veins, Ulnar vein, Ulnar veins, Perforator vein, Dorsal venous network, (dorsal surface), Perforating vein.
Veins of Upper Limb Anatomy

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