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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Carotid Arteries Anatomy

Carotid Arteries Anatomy
Parotid space (bed): right lateral view, Styloid process, Facial nerve (CN VII) (cut) Sternocleidomastoid muscle (cut) Digastric muscle (posterior belly) (cut), Occipital artery and sternocleidomastoid branch, Accessory nerve (CN XI), Ansa cervicalis, Superior root Inferior root, Digastric muscle (phantom), Vagus nerve (CN X), Ascending pharyngeal artery, Carotid sinus nerve [from glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)] and carotid body, Internal carotid artery, Internal jugular vein, Superficial temporal artery, Transverse facial artery.

Maxillary artery, Posterior auricular artery Facial artery, Lingual artery, Ascending pharyngeal artery, Superior thyroid artery and superior laryngeal branch, Omohyoid muscle (phantom), Vertebral artery, Internal carotid artery, External carotid artery Common carotid artery, Inferior thyroid artery, Occipital artery, Descending branch, Sternocleidomastoid branch, Superficial temporal artery, Transverse facial artery, Maxillary artery, External carotid artery Posterior auricular artery, Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) Stylohyoid muscle, Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) Facial artery, Lingual artery, Mylohyoid muscle, Hyoglossus muscle Digastric muscle (anterior belly) Hyoid bone, Superior laryngeal artery, Superior thyroid artery, External carotid artery, Common carotid artery, Thyrocervical trunk, Right external carotid artery branches: schema,

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