Nose - pediagenosis
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Thursday, August 9, 2018


Frontal bone, Nasal bones, Frontal process of maxillary bone, Lateral process of septal nasal cartilages, Septal nasal cartilage Minor alar cartilage, Accessory nasal cartilage, Major alar cartilage, Lateral crus Medial crus, Septal nasal cartilage Anterior nasal spine of maxillary bone, Alar fibrofatty tissue, Infraorbital foramen,

Frontal belly of occipitofrontalis muscle, Superficial temporal artery, Supraorbital artery and nerve Supratrochlear artery and nerve, Procerus muscle Corrugator supercilii muscle, External nasal artery Infratrochlear nerve, Angular artery, External nasal artery and nerve Nasalis muscle (transverse part), Infraorbital artery and nerve Lateral nasal artery, Transverse facial artery Nasalis muscle (alar part), Depressor septi nasi muscle Orbicularis oris muscle, Facial artery Superior and inferior labial arteries, Major alar cartilage, Lateral crus, Medial crus, Alar fibrofatty tissue
Anterior, Septal nasal, nasal spine of maxillary bone cartilage Intermaxillary suture.


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