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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nerves and Vessels of Neck (continued) Anatomy

Nerves and Vessels of Neck (continued) Anatomy
Cervical plexus: schema, Transverse cervical nerve, To omohyoid muscle (superior belly), Ansa cervicalis Superior root, Inferior root, To sternothyroid muscle To sternohyoid muscle, To omohyoid muscle (inferior belly), Supraclavicular nerves, Phrenic nerve, Accessory nerve (CN XI)

Great auricular nerve Lesser occipital nerve, To longus capitis and longus colli muscles, To scalenus and levator scapulae musclesRight anterior viewCommon carotid artery, Ascending cervical arteryScalenus anterior muscleInferior thyroid arterySuprascapular artery, Dorsal scapular arteryCostocervical trunk, Thyrocervical trunkSubclavian artery and veinThyroid gland (retracted)Middle cervical ganglionVagus nerve (CN X) Vertebral artery, Common carotid artery Recurrent laryngeal nerveBrachiocephalic trunk Internal jugular vein (cut)Transverse cervical arteryBrachial plexusInternal jugular veinPhrenic nerve.

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