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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy

Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy
Inferior vena cava (Common) bile duct and hepatic artery proper, Coronary ligament of liver, Right suprarenal gland, Right triangular ligament, Site of, ascending colon, Attachment of transverse mesocolon and right gastroomental (gastroepiploic) vessels, Duodenum, Right kidney, Parietal peritoneum Root of mesentery, Common iliac artery (retroperitoneal), External iliac artery (retroperitoneal), Testicular vessels (retroperitoneal), Ureters (retroperitoneal) Median umbilical fold (contains urachus).

Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall Anatomy
Abdominal aorta and celiac trunk, Hepatic veins Falciform ligament, Superior recess of omental bursa (lesser sac), Attachment of lesser omentum and left gastric artery, Esophagus, Left triangular, ligament of liver, Gastrophrenic ligament and left inferior phrenic artery, Short gastric vessels, Splenorenal ligament and splenic vessels, Phrenicocolic ligament Pancreas and splenic artery (retroperitoneal), Attachment of transverse mesocolon Superior mesenteric vessels, Site of descending colon, Attachment of sigmoid mesocolon and sigmoid vessels, Superior rectal vessels Sacrogenital fold (ligament), Lateral umbilical fold (contains inferior epigastric vessels), Medial umbilical fold (contains fibrous part of umbilical artery).

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