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Monday, September 17, 2018

Vertebral Ligaments: Lumbosacral Region Anatomy

Vertebral Ligaments: Lumbosacral Region Anatomy
Anterior longitudinal ligament, Body of L1 vertebra, Intervertebral discs, Anterior ramus of L2 spinal nerve L4 spinal nerve, Body of L5 vertebra, Posterior ramus of, L5 spinal nerve, Auricular surface of sacrum (for articulation with ilium), Left lateral view, Posterior superior iliac spine, Posterior inferior iliac spine, Lateral, Posterior sacrococcygeal ligaments, Ischial tuberosity.

Posterior view, Posterior sacroiliac ligaments, Greater sciatic foramen, Ischial spine, Sacrospinous ligament, Lesser sciatic foramen, Sacrotuberous ligament, Superior articular processes; facet tropism (difference in facet axis) on right side, Posterior longitudinal ligament, Pedicle (cut), Superior articular process, Transverse process, Lamina, Inferior articular process, Pedicle, Intervertebral foramen, Spinous process, Interspinous ligament, Supraspinous ligament, Spinous process, Lamina, Transverse process, Inferior articular process, Ligamentum flavum, Iliolumbar ligament Iliac crest.

Vertebral Ligaments: Lumbosacral Region Anatomy

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