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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Duodenum in Situ Anatomy

Duodenum in Situ Anatomy
Suprarenal gland, Kidney, Transverse mesocolon and its cut edges, Transverse colon (cut), Left colic (splenic) flexure, Head of pancreas, Superior mesenteric vessels, Celiac trunk, Splenic artery, Hepatic portal vein, Portal triad, Gray-scale ultrasound image of right kidney, sagittal view, Hepatic artery proper, (Common) bile duct, Right free margin of lesser omentum (hepatoduodenal ligament),

Duodenum in Situ Anatomy

Liver (cut), Suprarenal gland, Pylorus, Kidney, Transverse mesocolon and its cut edges, Right colic (hepatic) flexure, Transverse colon (cut), Ascending colon Psoas major Muscle, Superior (1st) part, Descending (2nd) part, Inferior (horizontal, or 3rd) part, Ascending (4th) part, Root of mesentery (cut edges), Duodenum, Liver, Renal cortex, Lower pole of kidney, Hepatorenal space (of Morrison), Superior pole of kidney, Descending colon, Duodenomesocolic fold and fossa, Duodenojejunal flexure and jejunum (cut), Inferior mesenteric artery, Abdominal aorta, Inferior vena cava.

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