Mucosa of Stomach Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mucosa of Stomach Anatomy

Mucosa of Stomach Anatomy
Cardiac orifice, Gastric folds (rugae), Longitudinal folds of gastric canal (magenstrasse), Pyloric sphincter, Pylorus, Pyloric zone, Gastric and fundic zones, Cardiac zone, Zigzag (Z) line (junction of gastric and esophageal mucosa), Superior (1st) part of duodenum (ampulla, or duodenal bulb), Longitudinal muscle of esophagus, Middle circular muscle layer of stomach,

Mucosa of Stomach Anatomy

Longitudinal muscle of duodenum, Outer longitudinal muscle layer of stomach (concentrated chiefly at lesser and greater curvatures and at pyloric part), Outer longitudinal muscle layer (cut away), Middle circular muscle layer, Innermost abdominal oblique muscle layer, Longitudinal section through pyloric region (shows thickened pyloric sphincter), Circular muscle of duodenum, Longitudinal, muscle of duodenum (cut away), Middle circular and innermost oblique fibers blend here, Windows cut in middle circular muscle layer.

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