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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Stomach in Situ Anatomy

Stomach in Situ Anatomy
Falciform ligament, Gallbladder, Pylorus, Caudate lobe of liver, Duodenum, Left lobe of liver, Head of pancreas, Hepatic portal vein, Inferior vena cava, Liver, left lobe, Body of pancreas, Superior mesenteric artery, Abdominal aorta, Hepatoduodenal ligament, Hepatogastric ligament, Lesser omentum, Abdominal part of esophagus, Cardiac notch (incisure), Fundus of stomach, Respiratory diaphragm.

Spleen Cardiac part of stomach, Body of stomach, Angular notch, Pyloric canal, Lesser, Pyloric antrum, Greater omentum, Transverse gray-scale ultrasound image of midabdomen, Left colic (splenic) flexure curvature, Round ligament of liver (obliterated left umbilical vein), Inferior border of liver, Quadrate lobe of liver, Right lobe of liver, Omental foramen (of Winslow), Right kidney (retroperitoneal), Right colic (hepatic) flexure.

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